About Our Fees

The cost for each dog varies greatly, therefore Almost Home does not have a set fee for our dogs.  Instead, we have a fee range.  We never receive back what we have spent on the rescue of a dog; it would make the fee too high and we would possibly lose some adoptions. With this said, our fee ranges anywhere from $150 to $350.  Here is a breakdown of the costs we incur for every dog before we get them to Vermont.  Keep in mind that some of the dogs we save from shelters need additional veterinary care before being transported.

Certain requirements must be met prior to transporting a dog from Florida to Vermont.  In order to meet these requirements additional expenses are incurred, such as the following:
The Federal government requires that all dogs are maintained in a quarantine situation prior to relocation to another state.  For obvious reasons, this helps ensure that only healthy animals are being relocated and the spread of disease is minimized.  As such, once a dog leaves the local high kill shelter where many dogs are housed, they are relocated to a boarding type situation (either another facility or foster home in the local area) and our rescue pays for the stay.  The mandatory requirement is 10 days. 
Other types of expenses include flea and tick treatment, mandatory health certificate from a local veterinarian and any other  required medications or medical treatments.

After all of this, the one single most expensive side to rescue is the actual transportation cost.  The prices of these agencies varies greatly and although we try to control costs, we will not compromise the health and safety of the animal by cutting corners.  

In most cases, dogs are spayed or neutered before reaching Vermont.  However, there are instances where a dog is unable to have a procedure before being adopted.  In those cases, we will work closely with the adopter to be sure that the procedure is completed within a reasonable amount of time.